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Art is the end result of a craetive process through which the artist communicates his or her experiences and emotions to the viewer, hopefully achieving that the viewer relates to these feelings when exposed to the work of art. Art and the appreciation af art are very personal matters; not every painting can resonate with every person.

Taylor Hable's art portrays her fellow human beings and the natural world, with its wonderful and ever changing combinations of shapes and colors. To her, design, color harmony and good drawing are very important. She is interested in capturing the essence and the specific mood of the scene in front of her. However insignificant some sights may seem, beauty can be found almost anywhere, and  Taylor Hable enjoys discovering it and making it visible to others through her art.

She prefers to paint from life and en plein air, whenever possible and finish most of her smaller pieces in one session. By paying close attention to light and shadow and the way they influence color, Taylor Hable describes form, temperature and surfaces spontaneously and without the need for too much detail. Her approach is realistic with emphasis on good drawing, but is not overly defined, leaving the pleasure of discovery and interpretation to the viewer.

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