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Born in the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco in 1966. Gutiérrez started sculpting in 1980 helping to create the public sculpture titled " La Estampida" which can be found in his home town.

In 1987 he started working at the workshop of Ignacio Fernandez del Valle. Gutiérrez did his first signed bronze pieces in 1988 which he titled " Piezas Zoomorfas". It is in 1989 that he ventured into woodcarving, developing a unique technique that he continued on for two years; during which there is a search that added an organic sense to his pieces.

Once he started using the lost wax technique again, Gutiérrez´s sculptures seem to be more concerned with a quest of balance in their composition and about the suffering of the human figure. The female figure becomes predominant at this stage in his work.

At a latter phase, he seems to summarize everything: organic elements, animals and the female figure.

This phase comes to an end when he starts incorporating stones in his sculptures. His sculpture entitled "El Sutil Comepiedras" is born and he receives recognition at the Salón de Octubre in Guadalajara in 1988 for his piece named "Fusión", which is a half horse, half woman sculpture with a rock as it's body.

For his exhibition at the art space of the Mexican TV company, Televisa, he unveiled his newest characters who are willing to observe, dance and suffer the vision of reality in the eyes of Gutierrez.

His creation "The Sutil Comepiedras"  was installed in 2006  on the malecon in Puerto Vallarta.





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