After a career that spans more than two decades in the plastic arts, Guerrero Enríquez says that in the beginning he was into "figurative art" but, "as I was not the best at drawing, I tried to take advantage of my defects and, in this way, I began to grant to my human figures and scenes a greater deformation", also seeking a balance between subtlety and a brushstroke with strength and determination.

 In this way, he explains, "I fell into abstraction", a language that attracted him "because it emerges from your emotions and senses, unlike realism - which has more points of comparison for the viewer -; that is why I believe to achieves a " Great abstract painting is much more complicated than one that reflects everyday life."

In the opinion of Guerrero , abstraction "embodies the deepest part of my being, I seek to represent a story of what I have experienced - as in an autobiography - with fillings and glazes; of course, on the canvas there are places that I 'attack' more , others I leave more open, where the viewer can intervene".

 The painter adds that "the canvas also tells you where to paint; I do not close myself to the conceptualization of a painting, but the painting also gives its opinion, it tells me what to put on or take away from it, where to go"; In these terms, the research is to find in this work "a synchrony" in which the surface of the painting "reflects a state of mind."

 On the other hand, Guerrero Enríquez is clear when he states that, today, "I feel very comfortable with the style that I am finding; in this way, a pleasant and concordant conversation can take place between my work and me. Before, I struggled a lot with each piece, I felt -many times- that they came out forced and not on point".

 Finally, for the artist, after more than 20 years of creative work and numerous recognitions, "I feel very good, I know that much better things are coming; currently, I have managed to develop my technique and, in each piece, I incorporate my feelings as part of the puzzle that is put together each time I finish.