JAAR (Jorge Alberto Aguilar Rojas) was born in Mexico City in 1987.

Born in a family of Mexican artists, his passion for art starts early in his life as he learned at various workshops of different artists.

He studied Art History at Casa  Lamm Cultural Center as well as at the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City.

He has also participated in a workshop of collaborative engraving at the Museum of Engraving in Zacatecas, Mexico.


His work is full of strong lines, vibrant colors and lots of joy in every form. It is a reflection of his passion for art and his understanding of its historical importance.

JAAR invites the viewer, to a party of happy feelings while looking at his pieces. His mission is to change people's environment with life and joy through his art.

The most rucurrent themes are nature as well as portaits; all under the magnifying glass of abstract figuration; in which the primary form of things is always exalted, resulting in a complex background of lines and colors.

A mischievous approach to his work, is a hallmark that has characterized through all his pieces.