1966 Born in Guadalajara, Mexico

1979  At the young age of 13, he participates as a helper during the making of the monumental sculpture titled " La Estampida" for the 

          city of Guadalajara, Mexico.

1980-1984 Worked at the workshop of Mtro. Jorge de la Peña.

1985 Worked at the workshop of Mtro. Ignacio Fernández del Valle.

1987 Participated in the collective exhibition "Los Artistas de Tapalpa" at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas in Guadalajara, Mexico

         Solo exhibition at the Club de Industriales de Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico.

1988 Presented his series of sculptures " Las Piezas Zoomorfas"

1989-1991 studied wood carving in Tapalpa, Mexico

1991 Finished his monumental sculpture titled "Tiburon" for Centro Comercial in Veracruz, Mexico

1994  Presented another monumental sculpture  titled " Eclipse" for the San Agustin residential area in Guadalajara, Mexico.

1995 Wins a recognition at Expojoya (Jewelry Fair) for his piece "Unicornio" in Guadalajara, Mexico

         Finishes his monumental piece "Tablao" for  a private collector in Guadalajara, Mexico.

1996 Participant at the Eclipse Gallery Auction in Vancouver, Canada

1997 Collective Exhibitions and Auctions: Galeria Axolotl, Guadalajara; Galeria Cava, Ajijic; Fine Arte , Monterrey, Concepto del Arte in

         Mexico City.

1998 Collective Exhibition "Plastica Contemporanea Jalisciense" at the Centro Cultural Casa Vallarta, Guadalajara, Mexico.

         Honorific Mention for his piece " Fusion" at the Salon de Octubre in Guadalajara, Mexico

         Solo Exhibition " Las Piedras No Hablan" at the Centro Cultural Casa Vallarta in Guadalajara, Mexico

          "Inmaginerias", Galeria de Arte La Madragora, Guadalajara, Mexico

1999  Participant at the Camara de Comercio de Guadalajara Auction and at the SubasArt Auction in Cancun, Mexico

2000 Participant at the Camara de Comercio de Guadalajara Auction with his monumental sculpture " Don Cuadrado"

2001 Solo Exhibition at Art Focus Gallery in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2002 Solo Exhibition titled " Caras Vemos" at Televisa TV, Guadalajara, Mexico. Monumental sculptures: "Mago Guarachero" and "El    


2004-2012 Worked on several monumental pieces mostly for private collectors.

2006  His " El Sutil Comepiedras" sculpture is installed in Puerto Vallarta on the Malecón, Mexico

2010-2011 Creates two sculptures for the Joaquín Sabina Collection titled "El Mago Borracho" and "La Barca".

2012-2013 Finishes his monumental sculpture "La Pieza de los Magos " for a private collector

                   Member of AMPLEXUS Group