Ricardo Sandoval better known as Akane Sandoval was born in 1984, with a restless and adventurous personality.

"Since I was little, my toys were like puzzles for me; making me wonder about how they were created, designed or assembled to form the final piece. I had to take them apart to understand how they worked. My parents did not like this, so they changed the toys for plasticine and colored pencils, making me enter a new world, without limits, discovering my artistic talent.

Since then my approach to art has always been present; being the 3rd generation of artists; my artist uncles; They were the ones who gave me my firstclasses of various academic techniques such as drawing and oil painting.

Reaching adolescence with pictorial notions, I started in urban mural art as a representative of my state, Nayarit.

Upon entering college and since everything was going digital, I decided to study graphic design and marketing; transferring my art to the digital environment, as an illustrator, designing posters and advertising, working as a senior designer in the best agencies in Mexico.

Even so, there came a time when I stopped enjoying my work, finding a means of escape in photography.

I was so passionate about photography that I quit my job and decided to study photography at EFTI Spain, which gave me knowledge of light and shadow.

This knowledge opened my eyes. The study of color through light; trying to capture it in each click of my camera.

Creating pictorial settings based on baroque paintings, which led me to discover the artists of that period. To realize how the barroque paintings are brighter than many of the current ones.

Through the refraction and reflection of light in the pigments and media used at that time, colors and light could be seen in their work; something that might seem impossible. That doubt led me to the point of wanting to know how they achieved that final work. The problem was that I couldn't disarm it, like in my childhood, so I decided to look for that information and I found Luz Ordoñes, a research teacher at the University UNAM, from the Tamayo school in Mexico City. She had been doing this research for years and, thus, she began teaching me within the pictorial field, taking the Master of Pictorial Techniques and Materials. I discovered the means and pigments; to anatomical analysis, understanding how light acts on them, physically and chemically. Later I studied the masters; the techniques of the great masters such as Master in sfumato technique, Master in fresco and encasustic technique, Master in Velázquez Technique, Master in Rubens Technique, Master in Caravaggio Technique and Rembrandt research. The latter being the most complex at optical and chemical levels. I completed it with my teacher Francisco Chávez. The part of creation, composition and three-dimensionality that all these techniques that are variants of the Venetian technique.

Academics have led me to train as an eclectic artist with mixed techniques.

I love the feeling of seeing something beautiful like a flower, a beautiful face or beautiful eyes and that's where the sweet theme of my first works is born. Painting that have internal beauty;  things that you can see behind the eyes of the characters and get to feel what they are transmitting. That the spectator discovers the emotions inside my works, that although they have been created with pictorial material, they feel like they were alive.

In some of my other works, I like to show duality. We are dual beings and in our mind there will always be a conflict, an infinite conflict, wanting to transmit personal balance.

This is me, I am emerging, I am human, I am an artist and painting is telling me TO CREATE."